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Some of the Benefits of Nature's Therapy CBD

Ease Pain

Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone. CBD may help bring that balance to your day.

Promotes Health

Long work hours, chasing the kids around, physical aliments and physical activities can lead to pain, inflammation, and sore muscles & joints. Adding CBD to your daily regimen helps promote recovery.

Restful Sleep

Sleep is essential for the mind & body to function properly. CBD/CBG/CBN helps promote restful consistent sleep patterns.

Improve Focus

Poor sleep, stress, diet & chronic aliments can affect our ability to stay focused and energized. Find Your Balance with CBD.

Inflammation Support

Long-term inflammation can lead to a number of symptoms that can affect our body in many ways; pain, fatigue, poor mood, anxiety and chronic health conditions.

Discomfort Aid

Our furry loved ones suffer from many of the same ailments we do; pain inflammation, anxiety, and seizures to name a few. CBD promotes the same relief as humans.


Made In USA


Made In USA

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360mg Full Spectrum CBD Coffee

25mg THC-Free Softgels

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CBD Bath Bomb Serenity

50mg Full Spectrum CBD Suppositories

Compassion Assistance Program

We offer a Compassion Assistance Program to ensure everyone has access to our whole plant CBD products. A well-deserved special discount for Veterans, First Responders, Teachers, Long Term Disability (Disabled), Social Security, and Low-Income Recipients. Please review the following qualifications to be eligible to receive a 35% discount code on all products.

Care Over Profit

What started as a mission to find natural alternatives to help with my chronic health conditions. I found CBD made a great impact in my daily well-being. This mission became my Purpose to help others have a better quality of life “Naturally”. We will not compromise quality or affordability to be more profitable. We Care!

Find Your Balance

Nature's Therapy Tinctures

We Offer Some of the Purest | Highest Quality | Most Potent | Effective | Bio-available CBD/CBG Oil on the Market

Available in Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum (THC Free)

5000mg | 2500mg | 2000mg |1000mg

What makes our topicals so effective?

Utilizing the Best of Mother Nature

To boost the effects of CBD/CBG and to increase the effectiveness of our topicals, we add multiple botanicals (herbs) & essential oils. Adding herbs like arnica, calendula, cayenne (capsicum), chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, and turmeric (curcumin) makes our topicals more effective; and multi-use from your sore muscle & joints to skin conditions. It helps restore, moisturize, and nourish the skin for optimal health benefits.

Preparing herbs includes extracting the naturally-occurring whole plant compounds through their sturdy cell walls and preparing the plant compounds in a form that applies to your ailment or part of the body in need. Understanding timing and regularity with which to administer and which herbs to combine will address your condition from multiple perspectives.

Our botanicals (herbs) & essential oils are infused in oils like MCT, Olive, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, and luxurious Mango & Shea butter enriched with Antioxidants, Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E that provide their own health benefits.

Nature’s Therapy only sources the highest quality herbs & essential oils that are all-natural-organically grown, sustainably harvested, and not detrimental to the soil.

Skincare Benefits

Our topicals can be used for many applications

  • Ease sore, painful muscles & joints.
  • Provide inflammation support.
  • A relaxing, calming, soothing experience.
  • Rejuvenate, protect, moisturize, hydrate & nourish the skin.
  • Improve circulation & blood flow, reducing tension.
  • Promotes relief from working on your feet all day, post-workout, athletics, golfing, running, cycling, hunting, gardening, and other strenuous activity.

What our customers are saying!

Tara B.
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I’ve been using natures therapy CBD 2000mg tincture for a month now and have to say this tincture has been working wonders for me! The education I have received on this website has been far better than any other companies I researched when trying to find a CBD that would work for me. Thank you!!
Erika N.
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This has to be the Best CBD Balm I have tried! I used it to heal my feet after a trip to the beach. The walking on the hot sand caused severe bruising and some minor burns. I was literally crawling for an entire day. This balm had my feet healed up in 3 days! Amazing!
Laurie R.
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I have used the Fire and Ice pain-relieving ointment on my lower back, for a pulled muscle and it was great and helped for the pain. It had a nice smell and is all natural, I recommend this product and will always use it, this product is great for any pain reliever.

Get to know your hemp products

Nature's Therapy athletics

when performance & recovery matters

Nature’s Therapy CBD – “Keeps me in the game”

I’ve been using Nature’s Therapy CBD products this fight camp to help with Focus, Recovery and Rest.

I take the 5000mg Tincture/Oil and use the Fire & ICE pain ointment for my sore muscles and joints.

As an athlete, I’ve tried different CBD products and Nature’s Therapy CBD is the one for me!


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Nature’s Therapy’s commitment is to be a company you can trust with full transparency. We stay on top of current research, studies, and technology to provide the highest quality premium CBD products to support your overall health & wellbeing.

We let the efficacy of our product keep you coming back and will never mislead, provide false hope, or use inferior ingredients in our formulations to be more profitable.

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