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CBD and Gut Health

CBD and Gut Health
When our stomachs aren’t feeling well, it affects the rest of our health. Gut health is vital to our overall wellbeing, which is why we need to keep our microbiome balanced. CBD can help you restore balance to your gut and manage the symptoms of conditions like IBS, Gastroparesis, Chrons, and Celiac disease. CBD has been used to help people manage nausea for a long time, but its benefits don’t stop there.
The Link Between Gut and Mental Health

The Link Between Gut and Mental Health

Not getting the proper nutrients into your body can deny your brain things that it needs to function properly. You’ve probably noticed that you feel irritated, moody, irrational, or depressed when you’re not eating properly. The bacteria contained in your gastrointestinal tract can help you or make you feel sick.

When your stomach is upset, you can’t think as clearly. It may increase feelings of anxiety, putting you into a state of panic. The connection between the stomach and the brain is why you need to make sure that you’re promoting the growth of good bacteria and eliminating harmful bacteria from your microbiome.

What is Gut Motility, and How Does CBD Help?

Gut motility is the collective movement of muscles located throughout your digestive tract. When those muscles aren’t contracting properly, it can lead to bloating, indigestion, pain, and nausea. CBD can support the muscles in your GI tract to relax them and promote better motility. When combined with a better diet, proper hydration, and some types of physical activity, CBD oil can stimulate wellness in your GI tract so that you feel better.
The Link Between the Stomach and Inflammation

The Link Between the Stomach and Inflammation

Many medical conditions result from inflammation and can be made worse when we have inflammatory compounds in our GI tract or bloodstream. Ulcers, cramps, and other GI issues are often linked to an excess of acids and inflammatory substances. CBD can help calm the gut and may support conditions such as GERD, ulcers, IBS, gastroparesis, or regular indigestion. It can also support healthy colon function to ease constipation.

CBD Supports a Healthy Microbiome

Scientists are still learning more about the link between our microbiomes and our general health but have noticed a link between an unbalanced microbiome and other health conditions. The link is even more profound when considering how the microbiome impacts our mental health. If our guts are imbalanced, our mental state suffers greatly.

There are things you can do to support your microbiome, such as eating yogurt, taking pre & probiotic supplements, and making sure that you’re getting a healthy amount of fiber. CBD can help restore your microbiome, and many people have found that it helps them manage their GI health and reduce symptoms associated with poor gut health.

Link Between CBD and Appetite

CBD doesn’t just help when you’re feeling nauseous. Many people notice that it can help reduce overeating. Keeping our appetites in check doesn’t just help us manage our weight. When we overeat, we feel bloated due to the buildup of gas in our GI tract that stretches our intestines and impacts our motility. CBD can make you feel satisfied faster when eating so that you don’t overindulge.

Some people are stress eaters, which means that their mental health negatively affects their appetite. When they feel anxious or depressed, they may also feel hungry. This can create a cycle where overeating leads to digestive issues, worsening the person’s mental wellbeing. Using CBD to promote better mental health can also have an impact on your gut health by proxy.

How to Use CBD to Promote Better Gut Health

It’s important to remember that many factors can affect how you react to CBD products. The type of product you use, how long you’ve been using CBD, and how your body tolerates it all determine what an effective serving size is for you. The best way to start is through small steps ( More is not better).

  • Start slow and monitor how you react to it. If you’ve never used CBD oil before, you may notice a change right away.
  • If you feel the need for it, you can have a serving in the morning and the evening.
  • As you adjust, you can increase your serving size as you feel fit.

Find the Product That’s Right for You

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