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Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum CBD
When it comes to natural remedies, there are plenty to choose from. One such remedy that is quickly gaining traction in the medical community and the alternative medicine community alike is CBD. However, since this is considered a relatively new remedy, there is a lot of confusion. One of the main things causing confusion is the fact that CBD comes in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum. Therefore, before deciding whether or not CBD is the best remedy for you, you should understand the difference between the two. With that in mind, the following is an overview of full-spectrum vs. broad-spectrum CBD.
Types of CBD

What is CBD?

CBD is one of over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant that trigger cannabinoid receptors throughout our brain and body. CBD is a major cannabinoid that is non-euphoric (will not cause you to feel high). These cannabinoids work synergistically together to enhance and increase each other’s health & wellness benefits, rather than just one cannabinoid by itself. This is known as the entourage effect. These benefits include powerful Antioxidants, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Spasm, and Anti-Convulsant effects. Scientific and clinical research shows that CBD may also aid with Focus, Nausea, Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep, and other ailments working within our body’s endocannabinoid system.

Unlike the drugs themselves, CBD provides people with various health benefits without the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana and the side effects of other prescription drugs. Therefore, for many, this is an ideal way to treat multiple types of diseases, ailments, and illnesses.

For the sake of clarity, CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound that has been providing an array of health benefits for many years. However, the legality of CBD has been called into question over the years. Hemp-derived CBD is legal throughout the United States. The word is spreading about CBD products as an all-natural way to treat many ailments and increase one’s overall health & wellbeing, causing many to try them out. Given that CBD is derived from the hemp plant, it has become one of the top go-to remedies for many issues and ailments of all kinds.

Benefits of CBD

Now that we know more about what CBD is, let’s take a look at the various benefits provided by CBD as a whole:

  • Anxiety Relief: One of the top benefits of CBD is that it can help with anxiety relief. Given that anxiety is a widespread issue that causes many to rely on prescription medications or that can otherwise manifest itself in an array of physical symptoms, CBD has become a go-to for treating anxiety. So far, studies suggest that CBD may be effective in reducing symptoms associated with anxiety.
  • Chronic Pain: Another major issue that CBD may treat is chronic pain. In particular, one study showed that CBD might be a good treatment for problems such as arthritis and inflammation. Research and studies show that CBD may inhibit pain that is both inflammatory and neuropathic, which are both known for being particularly difficult to treat.
  • Addiction Treatment: CBD may also be helpful with addiction and drug cravings. Studies suggest that CBD can lower cravings for heroin, tobacco, opiates, and other stimulants.

What’s the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum?

Full Spectrum products contain all the cannabinoids found naturally within the hemp plant, including CBD, terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, and THC. Full Spectrum CBD products will contain trace amounts of THC (non-psychoactive) with a legal limit of less than 0.3%. It is the full spectrum of these plant compounds that work synergistically together to increase the overall health benefits effects of the hemp plant. This effect is known as the Entourage Effect. Scientists are discovering that full-spectrum hemp products offer better health benefits due to the entourage effect.

What’s the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD and Broad Spectrum?

Broad Spectrum products contain most of the naturally occurring cannabinoids except THC. Broad Spectrum can be considered a mix between full spectrum & an isolate as it contains a spectrum of cannabinoids besides THC. Broad Spectrum products are a great choice for those who may be subject to a urine analysis test.

CBD Isolate is a THC-Free crystalline solid or powder that contains 99% pure CBD. An isolate doesn’t offer the same health benefits as a full spectrum or broad spectrum product as it doesn’t include all the other cannabinoids and beneficial plant compounds. An isolate can be used to increase the effects of a full spectrum or broad spectrum product.

Looking for High-Quality CBD?

If you are looking for high-quality CBD, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Nature’s Therapy, we make providing customers with high-quality CBD our business. The only way to assure you are buying high-quality CBD that is safe and effective is with full panel lab reports. Full panel lab reports include how much CBD and other cannabinoids, terpenes are in a product as well as testing for pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. No matter if you are interested in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, we’ve got you covered. We believe that CBD is one of the best natural remedies and that it can be used to treat everyday ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, and much more. We focus on care over profit and provide our customers with some of the best CBD around at reasonable prices. So rather than shopping around and dealing with inferior and inconsistent products, shopping with us guarantees that you will receive high-quality products every time you order. Contact us today for more information.

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