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What is CBD Bioavailability and Why Does it Matter?


Anyone looking for a way to treat symptoms or conditions that bother them is often ok with spending money – if the product provides results. CBD has been repeatedly shown to have the potential to treat a wide array of conditions and ailments.  But many people are not familiar with what is known as product bioavailability (absorption), which is the amount of product that remains effective for use after your body metabolizes or absorbs it. Two CBD products could look identical and have the same amount of CBD per serving but have wildly different bioavailability, which means one product may provide results while another produces little to no results. 

A product’s amount of bioavailability depends on how it is formulated and manufactured and, more importantly, how it is introduced into your bloodstream.  The more CBD that your body absorbs from a product, the faster and more effective the results may be.  If you have ever used a CBD product and not felt any results, it could be that the quality of the product is subpar, but there is also a chance that you did not introduce it in an optimal way for your body to maximize bioavailability and depending on the severity of your condition you may need higher milligrams (mg’s) in that product.

When it comes to bioavailability, the quickest and most effective way to achieve symptom relief is sublingual CBD oil.  The soft tissue and multiple sub-sublingual ducts under your tongue rapidly and effectively absorb the CBD oil and delivers it quickly to your body’s bloodstream.  Edibles containing CBD are delicious and useful, but the bioavailability tends to be lower when CBD first travels through your digestive system. If your symptoms are mild, this may be ok and still effective enough for your needs, but if you have severe symptoms that you are trying to treat, this may not be the most optimal type of CBD. Edibles can also be more effective by boosting the CBD (cannabinoids) throughout the day by supplementing the CBD oil. There are also topical CBD products.  This can provide great local topical relief for things like muscle & joint pain, injury, or part of the body in need but has the lowest bioavailability into the bloodstream (Blood Barrier) of the different product types.

When consuming CBD products, proper administration heavily influences bioavailability. For the best results, it is recommended that you hold CBD oil under your tongue for at least 3 minutes without swallowing.  This will allow multiple sublingual ducts in your mouth to absorb as much CBD as possible.  After swallowing, gently move the remaining amount of oil under your tongue to further enhance absorption.  If you do not hold the oil under your tongue long enough, the oil will pass through what is known as “first-stage digestion,” which reduces bioavailability and, ultimately, the positive health effects you may experience.

Speak to your physician to discuss whether adding CBD to your health and wellness regimen may benefit you!

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