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What is CBD Bioavailability and Why Does it Matter?

Anyone looking for a way to treat symptoms or conditions that bother them is often ok with spending money – if the product provides results. CBD has been repeatedly shown to have the potential to treat a wide array of conditions and ailments.  But many people are not familiar with what is known as product […]

What are Terpenes, and What Do They Do?

CBD products are more popular than ever, but while many people are curious and want to try CBD, they often do not understand what it is or how it works. The first thing to note is that it does not contain any psychoactive component, unlike marijuana products that contain THC, so it will not get […]

How to Determine CBD Serving Size

You have researched and investigated the potential benefits of CBD; you are ready to try it, but how do you know how much to take?  There are undoubtedly general recommendations, but it is essential to understand that the specific serving of CBD that will work best for you depends on various factors. Aside from personal […]

CBD for Athletes

Whether you are a weekend warrior, frequently at the gym, or a competitive athlete, we are all looking for ways to speed recovery, reduce muscle & joint soreness (pain), reduce inflammation, increase focus and energy, and optimize performance.  And, if you are a competitive athlete, you may need to stay within specific testing guidelines to […]